Fortune’s Folly

Fortune’s Folly

Fortune's Folly

Fortune’s Folly is an energetic and dynamic four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Eugene, Oregon. Our mission is to create a passionate, accepting, and engaged community through music and performance. Fortune’s Folly owes its success to the incredible support received from fans turned friends. Our desire is to return that love and enthusiasm through music and create an atmosphere in which people can escape their differences and share their love for art and each other. The FollyFam, our ever-growing network of fans, includes people from all walks of life. Help us expand the community and create something much greater than ourselves. In a world that needs it more each day, let’s provide an avenue for people to accept and appreciate each other through a shared love of music.

Calysta Cheyenne-Vox,
Ira Mazie-Guitar,
Jesse Sanchez-Bass,
Alex ‘Squatch’ Koleber-Drums

Fortune’s Folly – In My Head

Fortune’s Folly – Birdpocalypse

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Band location – Eugene Oregon

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