Forged in Black

With the release of Forged In Black’s stunning new album, Descent Of The Serpent, getting ever closer – less than a month to go until its March 5th release through Fighter Records – it’s time for another song to be unveiled! ‘Seek No Evil’ is the opening track from Descent Of The Serpent; a powerful call to arms and a magnificent metal anthem. The video which accompanies the track was filmed by Dark North Media (The Five Hundred, Hostile, Black Orchid Empire etc) and it’s a breathtaking display of pure heavy metal. You won’t see many better videos this year, from any band! Watch the new video for ‘Seek No Evil’ right now, as it premieres exclusively with the UK’s number one extreme music magazine – Zero Tolerance!

‘Seek No Evil’ is the gateway to a collection of songs that capture the very essence of great metal, but also bring a dynamic freshness to the mix. Forged In Black are not simply trying to recreate the past, they have learned lessons from many of the subgenres that have invigorated metal over the decades – power metal, thrash metal, doom metal – and woven choice elements into their sound. Front man Chris ‘Stoz’ Storozynski possesses one of the great voices in modern metal and his soaring vocals lift the songs on Descent Of The Serpent to a level unattainable for most bands. Riding in the slipstream of this imperious voice the twin guitars of Andy Songhurst and Chris Bone fight rapier duels with their lightning solos and mesh iron clad riffs into impenetrable armour. Beneath it all Kevin and Kieron Rochesterlay unshakeable foundations, a rhythm section perfectly attuned to each other and to the songs built upon their broad backs.

Descent Of The Serpent is an album destined for greatness. Prepare yourself for its arrival by heading to the Zero Tolerance Magazine website and immersing yourself in the molten british steel of ‘Seek No Evil’!

Forged in Black – Seek No Evil

Forged in Black – Pay The Price

Forged in Black – Sinner Sanctorum

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