Forbidden Myth – Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator

Forbidden Myth – Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator

Forbidden Myth – Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator
(17 October 2021, Self-release)

  1. Overture of Loss 07:28
  2. Light’s Predominance 04:24
  3. Ruler of Peace 04:21
  4. The Luminescent Girl 03:44
  5. The Puppeteer 04:25
  6. Rotting King 04:11
  7. The Prophecy 04:32
  8. The Spell of Fakeness 04:29
  9. The Exiled 03:39
  10. City of Decay 04:09
  11. The Clairvoyant 06:25
  12. A Ring Between her Eyes 05:46
  13. Dreams’ Prisoner 05:22
  14. The Revelation of Truth 04:47
  15. Remember Again 05:19
  16. The Spell of Freedom 05:08
  17. Sirin Ablaze 06:37
  18. A Force Above All 04:03
  19. King of the World / The Eyes of a Stranger 06:39
  20. Epilogue of Forgiveness 08:04

Zantea was a land cursed, ruled by mad kings, pawns of the dark spirit, Vosar. After a battle of epic proportions, Vosar was bested by Ovaris, the spirit of Dawn, who released Zantea of his dark dominion. However, the fall of Vosar vanquished the magic from the world.

In the years that followed, a kingdom rose mighty and surpassed every other in riches and power. That was the realm of Mirandor, ruled by the kind Morzan and his wife, priestess of Ovaris, Rozeil. The couple soon had a child, the luminescent girl, Sirin.

The “Zantea Chronicles” is a story written by Mytro Grigoriadi that narrates the adventures of the girl Sirin, as she struggles to meet and face her destiny and fate. Her path, I assure you, is not easy as she finds herself among two battling spirits, as well as against a fallen king and a murder.

As you very well have concluded by now, the album in review is a concept album. Specifically, is an epic tale dressed in epic rock, but with a slight musical twist.

The Forbidden Myth is the project of the songwriter and keyboardist Antonis Adelfidis. In this endeavor, Antonis was in charge of the compositions, offering his very unique and quite unconventional musical approach, while Myrto created this beautiful lore.

But how can an epic rock project be unconventional, I hear you ask? Well, I will tell you. I would rather to find it out for yourselves, but my goal is to intrigue you into listening to the record, so I must unveil a few things.

You see, Antonis stripped his compositions entirely of electric bass and guitars, focusing on his instruments of choice, which are keyboards, synthesizers, pianos, Hammond organ and Theremin. Rest assured, strange as it may sounds, the lack of these two dominant instruments of the genre, is not taking anything away from the compositions. The epic element is still strong, but now the harshness and sharpness of the riffs is replaced by the atmosphere created by the synths.

The tracks are arranged around 8 vocalists, each one taking a role from the story. This decision really helps with the narration of the story as it creates a theatrical feeling and helps the listener to stay focused and not to lose track of what’s going on.

Closing, all I want to say is that the “Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator” is not just an album you can casually listen to. Is a whole experience that forces you to invest in, pay attention, follow through a beautiful lore- I shouldn’t tell but it will probably continue, rewarding you in the end. Both Myrto and Antonis deserve congratulations for this great work and I really hope that we are offered the chronicles that we were promised and not just this album.

Review by Mr Athens ’79

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