FOIVOS – Dιstorted

FOIVOS – Dιstorted

FOIVOS – EP «Dιstorted»…(4 December 2020, self-release)

  1. Schumann Resonance
  2. Menage Sedition
  3. Roadshow
  4. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
  5. Distorted
  6. Alleviation

Instrumental albums are sometimes hard to follow and comprehend, if you are not a musician. However, the guitarist Foivos from Greece seems to have found an own formula to attract and keep the interest alive. Distorted is the title of his debut EP, but although it is a debut EP indeed Foivos is not a newcomer. He has a strong previous experience as a session guitar player for more than 20 years already! He has just decided to present the world his own view on music as a songwriter.

On Distorted, Foivos doesn’t waste time on shredding his guitars. He focuses on the songwriting instead. He is a virtuoso guitar player, but he doesn’t show off. On Distorted you will find 6 tracks, 5 of them being original pieces plus 1 instrumental cover to the Beatles’ classic Eleanor Rigby.

I don’t really think Foivos sets any borders for his music, either for his sound or for his vision, so why should we limit it with labels? His approach sets off from the classic rock/metal orchestration thing, to exceed its limits to progressive music, Greek folk/traditional music, weird performing styles and techniques and many interesting findings. I’m sure Foivos has his favorite guitar players and has been influenced by them, but he doesn’t imitate anyone! He avoids clichés and traps a musician can fall into. His ideas are very well worked and his songwriting is memorable. So, this is why Distorted is not only for musicians (although musician will enjoy it greatly).

It’s pretty pointless in an instrumental album to talk about stand out tracks. What I can say is that every song in Distorted is complete and absolutely meaningful. To have a 6 track instrumental EP with no fillers and not intended only to musicians, well… this is a victory in itself! All in all, “Distorted” is a great debut EP for fans of nice and meaningful music that will warm your heart out and leave you with nice and positive feelings after the album has ended!

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