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Fluid Notion

fluid notion

Fluid Notion is home-grown in Nashville, Tennessee and consists of three musicians, Dillon Courtright, Taylor Goyette, and Jacob Smith. In 2015 the adventure began as these three friends began the writing process for what was become Fluid Notion. Each member of the band offers different backgrounds on many genres of music including variations of: rock n’ roll, blues, jazz, soul and hints of alternative and punk.

Jacob Smith pulses out rhythms to dance along to, while Taylor Goyette keeps the low end grooving and dishes out powerful lead and background vocals, as Dillon Courtright plucks your heart strings and sings the chronic melodies that are soon to be stuck in your head.

Get ready to cut a rug people! The music is that of an American rock band influenced from all parts of the world. While keeping you on your toes with unexpected changes, ups, and downs, the music itself resembles human life. The lyrics poetically summarize philosophical thought of the collective human experience. The tracks express ambition and perseverance, loss and heartache, thoughts, beliefs, and surprises, all accomplished in the reality and topic of life.

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Fluid Notion

Fluid Notion – Think We Lost

Fluid Notion – Temporary Cure

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