Flower Church

Flower Church

A Special Breed Of Indie Rock with Flower Church

Alternative rock crossing the line into radio friendly indie pop with a little twist of 90’s rock infused songwriting and an a lead vocalist that certainly has no problem wearing her heart on her sleeve. The songs spanning the newly released Pretend album by Las Vegas native band Flower Church strip things down to the bone with unfiltered lyrics and brutal honesty. At the helm of the project is Alex Lockheart. Along with fellow musician and bass player Kevin Then, Lockheart gives it her all on this deep debut album. Here is what she had to say about the release:

“The themes of depression and doom are present throughout the whole album. The pop sound are also present throughout. Our sound is a lot louder and a lot darker. We’ve always wanted to go darker. “

Wrap your head around the Pretend album everywhere.

Flower Church – Reality’s Reverie

Flower Church – Endless Dream

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