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Fliptop box is a heavy rock Band from Athens, Greece that blends elements of alternative, grunge and metal with subtle undertones of the post punk scene of the 80’s. Influenced by bands like Danzig,Alice in chains,Volbeat and Therapy?. In this unique combination they have unlocked a captivating sound and style.
FtB recorded a first demo in 2004. With poetic lyrics and strong song structure ,they manage to bring out the beauty, disgust, joy, and pain of nowadays.
In the year 2006 , Fliptop box are in a very good form and this is underlined by their new release, “Promo 2006 ” (demo of the month in Greek Metal Hammer). Once again they present a mixture of aggressive and progressive parts, comprising killer riffs and unforgettable melodies .A year after they release “Souls” EP mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Newmastering Studios. ʺboth progressive and emotional, a rarity in today’s music scene – Metal observerʺ
In 2012, Ftb released an album entitled “Anxiety’s Manifest”.Their music is laced with a barrage of head-banging riffs and groove, colored with dark harmony and accented by relentless, technical drumming. “A great band for fans of Modern Rock!!!-” Now ,the band’s second studio album “Catch22” – mixed and mastered by Bill Platsas at D.A studio – is ready to be unleashed.
Releases2006: Promo 2006
2007: Souls (EP)
2012: Anxiety’s Manifest (Album)
2013: Unbeliever (EP)
2016: Catch22 (Album)


Fliptop Box – Blast

Fliptop Box – Promises to Stay

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