Flat Earth

Flat Earth

If you’ve listened to their debut album “None For One”, you probably agree that it has its Grunge-inspired moments. So it’s no wonder that FLAT EARTH wanted to add a true classic to their repertoire.

According to the band, “…we were trying out a few songs. Anthony then suggested  ‘School’ and Linde was like that’s his favourite Nirvana song. We played it once and realized that this works well for us. So we recorded it on our very first show that we ever played live together. Even if it’s not our song, the live version captures well how Flat Earth sounds.”

Here you can listen to the full track: 

FLAT EARTH unites Mikko “Linde” Lindström and Mika “Gas Lipstick” Karppinen (both ex-HIM), Niclas Etelävuori (ex-Amorphis) and Anttoni “Anthony” Pikkarainen (Polanski) to bring a creative vision to life that points to the heyday of alternative rock, but also draws from a variety of other genres without losing the thread in-between. – Their debut “None For One” is available everywhere:

Although some of the musicians can look back on impressive careers, Flat Earth can be seen as a new beginning and isn’t intended to be carried by just the previous achievements of single members. Flat Earth do not want to be another self-titled “supergroup”, let alone sail in the slipstream of the past – instead they want to step into the light.

All songs on NONE FOR ONE point to the heydays of alternative rock, take a nonchalant bow to the forefathers of all things heavy with a pinch of wistful psychedelia. Gas and Niclas robust, yet subtle rhythmic dynamic work, pave the perfect runway for Linde’s guitar solos to freewheel and Anthony’s maudlin yet contemplative singing, that gives the band’s sound a tint of mawkish desperation that sets them apart from any other band you’ve heard.

Magnetically melodic, playful, exhilaratingly unconstrained and thoroughly permeated by vocalist Anthony’s passionately melancholic overtones, FLAT EARTH delivers in the same parcel both – the beauty and the beast.

The album was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa & recorded at Finnvox Studios.

Flat Earth are: Niclas Etelävuori (Bass), Anttoni Pikkarainen (Vocals), Mikko Lindström (Guitar), Mika Karppinen (Drums)

01. Subhuman
02. Blame
03. Given Time
04. Cyanide
05. None For One
06. The Glow
07. Noble Swine
08. Limelight
09. Freedoom
10. Blunt
11. Kill My God


Flat Earth – School (Live in Helsinki)

Flat Earth – Given Time

Flat Earth – Cyanide

Flat Earth – Blame

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