Fire & Flesh

Fire & Flesh are a hard-hitting metal outfit, based out of the East Bay Area, CA.
Formed during the summer of 2013; F&F embrace a standout style of metal that is influenced by thrash, punk, and hardcore. The band is fronted by vocalist Justin Nieto, an avid all-around musician with an extensive background in music. F&F was Nieto’s solo project turned full-blown band, upon his completion of the debut EP. It was also his debut as a vocalist, after discovering that he had solid vocal capabilities. The band’s name was derived from Justin stating that his throat felt like it was on fire after attempting metal vocals in the studio for his first time ever.

The band was threatened with legal action in 2014 and 2015 by two separate production companies for participating in shows but refusing to “pay to play” despite initially agreeing to the terms. The band had purposely crafted the situation in an effort to make a bold statement against the unethical practice by many venues and promoters. They continue to speak out against it.

In early 2016, the band sparked some controversy online by releasing a demo track entitled “Barrel of a Gun”, that they had written about mass shootings. The song was written in reference to an incident that occurred on the final stretch of their 2015 winter tour. On October 1st, the band was trekking through the middle of the night in Oregon heading to the next city on the tour. Tired from driving all night, the band decided to pull over and park the RV in the parking lot of a community college that they had spotted on the GPS map. Upon arriving at the school parking lot at 5am, a decision was made that they were better off just finishing the drive to the next city and parking somewhere there to avoid being woken up by school security and being kicked out. The school was Umpqua Community College, and just a few hours after the band’s decision to just continue on to the next city, there was a tragic mass shooting that left 9 people dead and many others injured. Justin wrote the lyrics to the song from a shooters perspective in an effort to paint a lyrical picture of what may be going through the mind of a killer when they decide to pull off such an evil act. The band used sound clips gathered from the 1999 Columbine massacre, and other school shootings, for the intro of the song and the bridge. The band was ridiculed by many for being “insensitive” to the tragedy and accused of making a mockery of it.

Justin Nieto – vocals
Alex Menendez – guitar
Mario Lopez – guitar
Gabriel Pandolfo – bass
Bones – drums

‘IN BLOOD WE TRUST’ is available NOW on iTunes/Spotify…/in-blood-we-trust/id1237701259

Fire & Flesh – New F&F EP Coming Soon

Fire & Flesh – In Blood We Trust

Fire & Flesh – Through My Eyes, The Pestilence

Fire & Flesh – As Blind As They Come

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