Fire and Flesh Vengeance



Fire and Flesh Vengeance

  1. As Blind As They Come
  2. Through My Eyes,the Pestilence
  3. Creature of the Night
  4. Breathing Heavily
  5. Martyrs Delight


Hard hitting, Californian rockers ‘Fire & Flesh’  have a brilliant EP on their hands “Vengeance” is a massive metal assault on the listener and finds the band at the top of their game.

Opening with the roaring “As Blind As They Come”  Justin Nieto’s vocals scream up a frenzy as The guitars thump you in the face and leave you out on the floor. Time for “Through My Eyes, The Pestilence” a track that has balls and is getting plenty of hits on all the social media platforms. “I watch you die” opens the fused “Creature of the Night” an evil song that will give you chills. There is a change of pace with the melodic “Breathing Heavily” with its acoustically driven verses and non scream vocal. On “Martyrs Delight” we find thumping drums and blistering bass locked in a frantic battle on this epic closing track.

“Vengeance” is a brilliant five track EP that shows just how good Fire & Flesh are. I can highly recommend you get this. “Vengeance” has arrived, Vengeance is a stonking piece of metal that will rip your insides out.

Pete Devine January 2017

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