Fiasco are an English rock band formed in Brighton, East Sussex in August 2015. Developed from an earlier duo ‘the Vuvuzelas’, the band originally consisted of Jacob Kyle Chapman (bass, vocals) and Callum Lewis (guitar, lead vocals, songwriter). They were later joined by Callum’s childhood friend, Joe Grey (drums, vocals), becoming the third member of the settled line up.

Fiasco typically create short/fast-paced songs, with chin out melodies and singing styles, stripped-down instrumentation, and beautifully personal, sarcastic lyrics. Formulated by the brutally hard hitting hands of Joe Grey’s drums, the machine gun melodies of Jacob Chapman’s bass, and the roaring punchy rhythm of Callum Lewis’s guitar and vocals. Fiasco are a band who pioneer a more modern sounding punk rock, but also offer shades of nostalgia of the classic bands that elevated and made the genre beautiful.

While their quirk won’t surprise any fan who’s seen the band’s riotous live performances since they started gigging, that doesn’t mean it’s any less aggravating, intoxicating, or baffling. Much of this has to do with the fact that Fiasco isn’t your average rock band. They like it loud, in your face, and above all their personality and spontaneity is what draws people to the band.

Fiasco – Take You Home

Fiasco – Blow

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