Fhedesh – Warning Signs

Fhedesh – Warning Signs

FHEDESH album “Warning signs” (30 Νοvember 2021, self-release)

  1. Warning Signs
  2. Devoutnyct
  3. Infernal
  4. Iblis
  5. Hey-You
  6. Slash-Slash
  7. Medical Asylum
  8. Beltane
  9. Haus of Hell

The new album of the Dominican-American artist, producer and DJ Fhedesh, entitled “Warning signs”, begins with the same titled track and first single. The track comes in with what I would call a noise/industrial intro that can transfer your mind to other places. The beat breaks in and all you know are its killer deep beats and a hypnotic voice inviting you: “Come to me”. The song has an amazing bass tone and builds around the idea of the “warning signs” we need to recognize in our lives. It evolves to a club favorite. Fhedesh is the creator and curator of Drak’Haus, the no.1 Goth club in L.A., and he makes the perfect soundtrack here underlining how serious he is about his Art. Don’t forget to also check the great video made for the song!

“Devoutnyct” offers deeper beats with the addition of weird electronics. The track has very atmospheric parts with humming bass and proto electro synth parts which I heavily dig as they sound influenced by the early works of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. Fhedesh do have the soundtrack for the night!

“Infernal” creeps in your soul like the devil. The flow is great. This is pure dark club electronic music with gothic attitude. Fhedesh have mastered the way they perform their sound, they know exactly what they need to achieve it, and what can be more effective.

“Iblis”’s deep house/techno hypnotic beat evolves to an amazing synth driven, electro-goth tune that should be played in all clubs! To my ears the song carries with it all the 80’s synthpunk agony and it has the drive to make you dance. Exceptional work!

“Hey You” witch-house soulful journey has some really deep vocals and beats with industrial parts that breakdown to trap grooves. Synth backgrounds are eerie and Fhedesh vocals match absolutely perfect! The dark electronic dance-floors await for this killer track.

“Slash Slash” (feat. Sin Savio) brings on the techno side of Fhedesh, mixed with the sexiest female vocals you will get to hear plus great gothic overtones. Another amazing track that every goth club definitely needs to put on their playlist!

As the title indicates, “Medical Asylum” is an utterly dark tune with psychotronic beats. Fhedesh carefully selects every bit of sound he uses in his songs and he brilliantly structures nightmarish soundtracks like “Medical Asylum”. The song is of great quality and sound, just like the whole album!

“Beltane”’s creeping rhythms and beats will drag you down deep into the underground. There is an almost reggae groove in this dark electro-pop song that makes it one of a kind, justifying at the same time Fhedesh’s Dominican roots. The electro-pop beats are similar to such classics as early Depeche Mode, Yello and Kraftwerk.

The album closes with “Haus of Hell”, apparently a tribute to Drak’Haus, Fhedesh’s own club, that he created and curates. Drak’Haus is the No.1 Gothic Club in L.A. and Haus of Hell is a dominating industrial/electro tune that perfectly mixes all the elements from witch-house experimental and trap Fhedesh embeds.

In conclusion, “Warning Signs” album is an album that serves really well as a soundtrack for your dark desires, and it must be heard at maximum volume for maximum pleasure, in dark rooms, at home or in the clubs.

Review by Mr Athens ’79

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