Feverjaw – All Bets Are Off

Feverjaw – All Bets Are Off

  1. Stonewell Melody
  2. Brightburn
  3. The Ides Of March
  4. Trauma And Grace
  5. When It Rains
  6. Bloodwork
  7. Truest Friend
  8. Arrowhead
  9. Pioneers
  10. A Place Between The Trees

Dale Hawkins – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Lewis Bligh – Drums
Steve Manning – Bass

Cardiff-based indie sensations Feverjaw, , follow the great success of the ‘Brightburn’ and ‘Trauma and Grace’ EPs with their much anticipated debut album ‘All Bets Are Off’ on SWND July 16th. A Bandcamp alternative bestseller featuring the hit singles ‘Trauma and Grace’, ‘Brightburn’, and ‘ Bloodwork’. 

‘All Bets Are Off’ comes as a limited-edition CD bundle released through SWND Records that will come packaged with a booklet, badge, stickers, a special collectible art card designed by Matt Riste and an exclusive live digital EP, ‘Come Alive’. Limited to just 50 copies. Once these 50 are gone their gone! Each bundle will also feature a digital download of the album.

So, how does the album shape up? We were fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of the album and here are our thoughts…

Opening strongly with the impressive “Stonewell Melody”, Feverjaw begin like they mean to go on. Heavy riffs, a sing-a-long chorus and thumping drums, this opening track has it all. I love the instrumental break near the end, you can just imaging the boys jamming away with smiles on their faces. “Brightburn” is next, the familiarity of this one with it’s catchy chorus and uptempo delivery always pleases. The darker sounding “The Ides Of March” crashes in, what a rocker this is. Dale Hawkins’ vocals are just perfect for this one, very edgy, yet fragile. Great guitar work throughout and some awesome bass from Steve Manning. “Trauma And Grace” follows and this obvious single choice doesn’t disappoint. With guest vocals from Mawpit’s Cait Johansen, “Trauma And Grace” reveals the diversity of this Welsh outfit.

“When It Rains” I feel is one of the best numbers on the album. A more direct rocker, with the wonderful Cait Johansen on backing vocals, acting almost as a counterbalance to Dale Hawkins, in a to and fro vocal dual that sounds simply amazing. I have always thought of the next track, “Bloodwork” as sounding ‘thinned out’. What I mean is it is a classic case of ‘less is more’ and it works so well for it. Straight forward ‘in your face’ 3 minutes of brilliance. There’s a shift in pace now with The Nirvana sounding “Truest Friend”. Coming in at just short of 2 minutes, this acoustic ‘live’ track is a real gem. 

I love Lewis Bligh’s drum intro to “Arrowhead”, a very steady song that really grows on you. The outstanding “Pioneers” is next, now, this is the track for me. “The world falls down around us, don’t let the sky fall down on me” sings Dale, great lyrics, brilliant track, very anthemic. The album closes with the wonderful “A Place Between The Trees”. Acoustically driven and a perfect ‘goodbye’ song to finish the album with.  

Overall “All Bets Are Off” is the perfect showcase for exactly what Feverjaw are all about. The modern sounding power that they put into their heavier numbers is highlighted thoughout. Their ability to take things down a little and create a softer vibe is also very evident. The one thing that does stand out is the quality of their songwriting and their musical prowess.

“All Bets Are Off” will be a beacon of light for Feverjaw, it will get them noticed, of that I have no doubt. This is a really good piece of work.

Play it loud, your ears will thank you for it.

‘All Bets Are Off’ is out on SWND July 16th

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