Feed After Midnite

Feed After Midnite
The Hunger (released Nov 25th)
Feed On This Records
Release: 25 November 2022

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Feed After Midnite was formed in March 2018. They recently released their debut EP “The Hunger” and have a new music video out now for the song “False Awakening”. “The Hunger” is a collection of different, unrelated stories bringing out the full groove of the band. The single is based on the films “The Matrix” and “They Live” and it relates to how life and society are ruled by the media and government and their narrative and we the people are tired of being controlled and lied to. The band continues to explain:

“It is the fastest, most aggressive song on the EP. It starts off sounding old-school Slayeresque but quickly shifts into a headbang-inducing double bass groove. It was actually the last song written for the EP. It really came to its final form as we were recording the other songs. Joe Lyko really helped us with the breakdown on this one. We were really pleased with how it turned out post-production, so we decided to make it the first single. This is the fastest tempo song out of all and really represents a new level of technical skill for us all.”

Feed After Midnite hopes listeners will appreciate their attention to groove and melody while still maintaining a level of heaviness. Each song stands on its own, but leaves you with a hunger for more. Their sound has definitely changed over the years, moving away from the hard rock/classic metal in the beginning, the newer stuff is heavier and a bit more aggressive. Closer categorized as metalcore or groove metal they are recommended for fans of Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, and In Flames.

Feed After Midnite – False Awakening

Feed After Midnite – Running Man

Feed After Midnite – Out of Time

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