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Feather Trade rock from both sides of the Atlantic!
New single ‘Just Like Film’ on Kycker 3/3/23

Feather Trade cross boundaries with an integrity and raw, passionate honesty that’s all but vanished across the musical landscape. Their mini-anthems are rallying calls to the disenfranchised, the politically and sexually marginalized, to anyone watching in dismay as the commodification of society, and art in particular, gathers pace. There is a timelessness to their sound – the wide-eyed social commentary of early U2, the white-noise fury of Nirvana, the shimmering dark beauty of The Chameleons, and the angular, art-punk view of the world captured by Pixies. Yet they are a now band. Firmly rooted in today’s struggles, writing deeply personal elegies that will resonate with those navigating their way through our current confusions and challenges. Their sound is totally immersive, their message totally for you.

Following a successful UK tour in 2019, supporting Spear of Destiny, the band – Manchester based, but via Athens, Georgia – embarked on their first full UK tour, and announced their first tour album ‘The Sound Of Broken Worlds’. After this, as the world came to a standstill, activity continued – travel restrictions forced an innovative, cross continental concert, where the band members played live with projections of one another in multiple countries. This concert can be seen in the recent DVD release ‘Live and Transatlantic’ or as an original live-stream concert.

Having already supported bands such as The Soft Moon, Deerhoof, Daniel Johnston, Florence and the Machine, and The Maccabees, Feather Trade also found themselves, during 2021, in demand for the legendary Leeds Futurama Festival, playing alongside bands such as The Blinders and Peter Hook and The Light.  2022 concluded with a successful tour of UK venues, delighting fans, and gaining a notable new following wherever they played.

So what’s next? Feather Trade are recording their debut album with US producer Matt Yelton (Pixies, Frank Black and the Catholics), as well as planning the release of new singles with UK producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission). October 2022 saw the first release – the bands first official Spotify single ‘Dead Boy’ receiving much airplay, and reviews both in the UK and across Europe praising the songs sharp, focussed melody and heart-melting anger and honesty. Further singles are slated for release in the coming months.

Feather Trade have a full tour already planned for the UK in March 2023, which will take in a number of cities, including London, and see the band returning for long awaited shows in Scotland.

Be with us on the journey. We do this for you.

Chisolm, Natalie, João

“… Feather Trade is the dark horse that Athens needs; this is a band that is aggressive and straight forward, not some simple cookie-cutter group trying to make shallow radio hits …” DELAMURE MUSIC

“… Their moody, black post-punk reverberates so clearly; Feather Trade have never looked, strutted and sounded more like bona fide rock stars …” COLLAPSE BOARD

“… Feather Trade know a thing or two about injecting moodiness and black-hearted self-loathing into their songs …” IMMERSIVE ATLANTA

Feather Trade – Just Like Film

Feather Trade – The Pale Sand

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