Feather Mountain

Feather Mountain

Danish prog-rock band Feather Mountain will release their debut album Nidus in the autumn of 2019. Through dynamic changes, technical ingenuity and challenging compositions, Nidus invites the listener into a sprawling universe where genres collide and combine.

Feather Mountain, with its present members, has existed since the autumn of 2018, and the studio recordings for Nidus already began in March 2019. The lyrics of Nidus are personal testimonies of the band members’ struggles with illness and personal crises. Vulnerable and powerful at the same time, the vocals are dreamy and introverted as whispering passages combine with screams, growls and backing vocals in violent climaxes. In support of the vocals, the instrumental parts of the album consist of atmospheric guitar lines, mellow bass playing and jazz-inspired drumming which evolve into hard riffs, slapbass and double bass drumming. In addition to this, Feather Mountain has experimented with noise elements on Nidus using a simple self-made stringed instrument. With Nidus, an important addition to the prog scene is born.

Feather Mountain has found inspiration for Nidus in music by Agent Fresco, Leprous, The Ocean Collective, Soen and Tesseract among others.

Nidus is recorded in collaboration with producer and engineer Johan Emanuel Jørgensen and will be released on major streamingservices and web sites on September 20th 2019. In addition to this, the album will be available on vinyl. Feather Mountain throws a release party for Nidus September 27th 2019 at Råhuset, Copenhagen. 

Feather Mountain is currently looking for gigs and bands to play with in the months following the release and has a great desire to play shows and tours abroad after the release of Nidus.

 Feather Mountain is not signed at any label.

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Band members

Mikkel Lohmann – lead vocals
Jens Baalkilde Andersen – guitar and backing vocals
Oliver Ramstedt – guitar
Andreas Dahl-Blumenberg – bass and backing vocals
Christian Dahl-Blumenberg – drums

Feather Mountain – InPassing

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