Faux Pas

Faux Pas – Alternate Ending

Released September 10th 2021)

Faux Pas are ready to gate-crash the Manchester scene with a brand new EP, I Feel Pretty, So Should You, an unbridled and cathartic release that provides a visceral exploration of intimate pain, whilst highlighting shared vulnerability as a tool against suicide.

Coming quickly off the back of previous single ‘This Will Kill You’, with the pair forming the record’s book ends, ‘Alternate Ending’ is the second track taken from the forthcoming EP. Three and a half minutes of driving, grungey catharsis, there’s a quiet, understated sense of melody at play, reflecting the track’s inherent optimism.

“The song represents a kind of six months later scenario from the record” explain Faux Pas “The idea for it first came about when I found out my brother was going to be having a little girl. At the time I was told I was staying with my mother after a string of relapses and struggling to avoid suicidal thoughts. The knowledge that I was soon to have a niece prompted me to quit taking drugs permanently and to hold on, so I could be someone who hopefully one day they could have a beautiful relationship with.”

 This kind of optimism is inherent not just to ‘Alternate Ending’ but to the EP on a whole. A purgative and cleansing experience, if not strictly an easy one, it carries a vital message at a time when mental health issues and suicide are massively on the rise.

 “The EP runs as one continuous piece of music, with ‘This Will Kill’ You and ‘Alternate Ending’ being the first and last track respectively” the band conclude. “If you want to see how we get from point A to B, check out ‘I Feel Pretty, So Should You’ on October 8th.”

Faux Pas are:

–               Ru Cowl (Vocals, Guitar)
–               Lewis Egdell (Guitar)
–               Joey Leyland (Drums)
–               Arthur Boyd (Bass)

Faux Pas – Alternate Ending

Faux Pas – This Will Kill You


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