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From the band: “This album can be regarded as a tribute/homage to what has been. Both in regards to people from our past as well as things in life that have had a big impact on us. We felt that we needed an outlet for these feelings and took to our trade of choice to fulfil that need, and here we are. The music in itself is fuelled by these feelings and brings a sort of anger and sorrow. Not a gloomy one mind you, but more something that represents honour. With that said, we didn’t skimp out on the groove or heaviness of the music, no it’s quite the contrary. It’s our best and most complete album yet. “


From Oskar: “This song was one of the last songs we wrote during the writing process, at this point, we had no energy left. When the song was done however, we felt that something was missing. You can imagine the frustration! But then there was an idea that started to manifest inside our minds and we tried it out with the help of Edward Scissorhands. Just like that, we found the missing piece that finally led to the completion of the song, which made it awesome! This song means a lot to us and we are happy it became the first release from our new album Memoriam!

About Faustus:

In the middle of the pandemic Faustus set out to write their heaviest album yet: the kind of record that sounds like a “freight-train-full-of-sledgehammers-headed-straight-towards-your-whole-family”, to quote the band’s words.

In 2021, the five-piece headed to Gothenburg’s Obsidian Recordings, located in Studio Fredman to record their new album Memoriam. The band hired the legendary Robert Kukla and Fredrik Nordström to oversee production. “We have given 110% of our souls to these songs, productions and even the music/lyric videos. This is just a taste of our artistic expression” says the band.

Among their most recent accomplishments, the band got to play the renowned Gefle Metal Festival 2022 (footage available here), sharing the stage with musical giants such as Meshuggah, Mayhem, Jinjer, Soilwork, to name a few.

Faustus – The Creation of What’s Called Hell

Faustus – Architect of Ruin

Faustus – Sleep

Faustus – 187

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