Fatal Switch

Fatal Switch

At the epicenter of a rebellious youth, repetitive bass lines with simplistic melodies carved out the anthem for the angry and oppressed. With a rhythmic vocal pattern that percussively took cadence through spoken word it asks a hidden question every time it is played. Who am I? Am I punk? Am I hip hop? Am I both or much more? From its very inception, guitar licks in rap have always gone just as well as rap verses over wailing guitars. And as it developed and matured we quickly saw the next leap of Metal and Rap intertwine.

So, in response to a question that can never be answered Fatal Switch asks questions of its own as the art of storytelling meets the mayhem of drums and the insanity of guitars. It gives life to a universe that lives outside the music and writes its own pages through innovative, audience engaging platforms bringing the idea of concept to a whole other level.

Created under the guidance of Montreal producer and Slaves On Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine Fatal Switch’s debut album Doctors & Demons was recorded at Uplift Studios. Frontman Steve Tobin and Kevin worked closely together to craft the compositions that shaped this hybrid project into a unique album utilizing Kevin’s knowledge of arrangements and Steve’s meticulous lyrics that drove the record. The additional services of Mike Gerbasi on guitar and Luca Tobin on bass were acquired to add a deeper dimension and texture to the music. And with countless studio sessions under his belt with Kevin, drummer Peter Tzefaris was selected as the natural choice to deliver on Kevin’s vision of drum arrangements. Once mixed, the album was mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Priestess, etc..) and their first single is now set for release in October 2018 through Believe Digital.

Currently writing new material for their second studio album the band now consists of frontman Steve Tobin, seasoned rhythm guitarist Ryann Paqueo (Severed Wings), Drummer Ralph A Samah (Chainsaw Armageddon) and technically trained lead guitarist Max Rope. Rounding out the live performance experienced bassist David Vigliotti brings the basslines to life.

Fatal Switch keeps evolving and its team keeps growing in order to professionally deliver on its studio success and everyone is very excited for the new journey’s that await Fatal Switch and their fans.

Fatal Switch – Doctors & Demons

Fatal Switch – Heartless

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