FANGHORN is an American heavy metal band formed in Georgia. The founding took place after New Jersey native and veteran drummer Ray Thomann and Atlanta based guitarist/vocalist Ryan Russell connected during a chance meeting. During this initial meeting, the two discussed collaborating on some new material. Russell was then invited to visit Thomann’s studio to “jam out” a few ideas. They quickly recognized the chemistry that existed as well as the tremendous opportunity that presented themselves. It’s at this time that Fanghorn became a reality.

After Fanghorn’s initial founding, Thomann knew that Rene’ Benton, whom he had met a few years prior, needed to become part of the mix. Benton is an internationally renowned guitarist and solo artist who brings a wealth of experience, expertise and talent to the band. He’s also a tremendous individual whose friendship, trustworthiness and dedication makes him a valued member of the Fanghorn family.


Thomann and Russell have been primarily responsible for the creative direction of the band and their forthcoming CD, “Ancient of Days.” Both shared in the song writing duties for the album.

Fanghorn’s musical DNA is composed of “old school” metal coupled with heavy and intense riffing, thunderous drums, heart pounding bass, and thought provoking lyrics. The musical arrangements portray messages of truth – that are relevant, deep and multidimensional. Fanghorn’s songs cover a wide variety of themes that speak to the heart and can be easily identified with; themes of world events, social issues, faith, government tyranny, and overcoming personal struggles. With that being said; Fanghorn’s music speaks to a generation and challenges them to stand against the darkness of this age.

Fanghorn – Can You Hear Me

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