Falling Giant

We have been playing for several years in the underground reality of Rome and  we are having a good response abroad due to one of our songs called ‘Hades’, released a year ago, which has reached a million views and continues to do many streams, especially in Brazil, United States, Germany and England

The Band, formed in 2017 from the chance meeting between me (lead voice of the band) and Filippo Valentini (rhythm guitar), Luca Sebastianelli (lead guitar) and Federico Loretucci (bass), through an announcement in which he wrote that the band was looking for a singer. With the arrival of Matteo ‘Sauron’ Spalletti (drums) the team is completed.

In 2018 the band began its apprenticeship in the underground reality of Rome, self-producing their own songs and videos, combining the passion for music with the visual and imaginative work of cinema.

The band’s sound  is a compromise between Alternative Metal and Alternative Rock, with electronic and cinematographic influences, in search of dark, sensual, powerful and elegant atmospheres.

The band continues its shows in the underground of the capital, bringing in the curriculum the opening to Lacuna Coil at the ‘Rock in Melfi’ festival.

The band is currently in the studio working on their first unreleased album, hoping it will be ready early next year.

It is a very ambitious project.

We are creating song after song, a concept album that will deal with the various stages of mourning through a grotesque and picturesque tale in which love, death and passion are intertwined with theatrical vocal lines and many musical experiments.

With this work we are trying to experiment with the most disparate genres of Latin and European musical culture.

For the texts we are also playing a lot through a colorful linguistic research.

In short, we are not restricting ourselves to the creative flow, but never losing sight of the objective of what we want to tell

Falling Giant – Golden Boys

Falling Giant – Kings Of Babylon

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