Fallen Man

Fallen Man

After 20 years and 9 albums, Fallen Man may just be Sacramento’s best kept secret in the world of underground metal. With roots in the 80’s thrash and industrial movements Fallen Man has created a unique sonic signature with elements of punk, doom, industrial and extreme metal.

The bloody, bruised, beating heart of Fallen Man is main songwriter and frontman Mike Gardiner. Focusing on the underbelly of the world, Fallen Man’s music is dark and apocalyptic. Prominent themes include the failure of America to fulfill it’s destiny as a world superpower; the demoralization of it’s own citizens through the use of controlled government experiments; and the failure of the political power system to provide the American dream for its own people. Oh, and Zombies!

The intensity and uncompromising nature of Fallen Man’s music is appropriately matched by equally dark imagery; including works from legendary artists such as Ed Repka and Mark Sasso. Repka was responsible for bringing the Mercenary concept to life in the form of “Ace” the zombie soldier. Ace quickly became a fan favorite and is prominently featured among Repka’s current work. Sasso drew the iconic “All Hail” cover which is quickly garnering praise as another masterpiece.

Fallen Man – ANTIFA Stomp

Fallen Man – Burn

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