Fallen Arise

Fallen Arise

FALLEN ARISE present their new official lyric video for the song “Forever Winter”.

The track is taken from the band’s new album “Enigma” which was released on April 10, 2020

Created by: Haris Kountouris, HK Visual Creations

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Available on Jewel Case CD, Orange / Red Marbled Vinyl (LTD. 250 copies) & Digital streaming/download format.

FALLEN ARISE is a symphonic metal band formed in Athens in 2009 by Gus Dibelas. Since 2009, the band has released one E.P. and two albums: “Eternal EP” (2012), “Ethereal”, (2013), “Adeline” (2015), while simultaneously performing a large number of shows in Greece and Europe as headliners or sharing the stages with many famous artists.

The main idea around Enigma’s creation was to create an album that would refresh the band’s musical style. They didn’t want something that sounded like “Ethereal” or even more reluctantly “Adeline”. Obviously the band is very proud of these two albums, they just didn’t want to repeat themselves thus the approach from the beginning was very different from the previous ones. FALLEN ARISE wanted their music to sound as contemporary as possible, but at the same time to remain faithful to the kind of music they play. Pop aesthetics are always something they are willing to implement in their craft, keeping in mind that pop music is a huge influence on the band’s compositions. All this combined with the elements that define metal music and the orchestral idea which is still present in the band had provided this end result. The choice of collaborators for the creation of the “Enigma” was very thoughtful and targeted in order to achieve the result the band sought.

The main part of the overall arrangement and recordings took place in Athens, at Soundflakes Studios with John Mcris being a close associate of the band and the sound engineer for the main body of this new work. Part of the recordings took place at The Rock FactoryStudios in Siena, Italy by Nikos Zannis and Davide Fatemi as sound engineers. The mixing process took place at Hell’s Kitchen studioswith John Mcris as mixing engineer. For the mastering process, FALLEN ARISE collaborated with Fascination Street studios and Tony Lindgren as mastering engineer.

The album artwork is created by Paul Culley and the layout by Miron Theodoridis. The band’s photo session took place at rEvolver studios (Sweden) with the mighty Patric Ullaeus behind the camera. FALLEN ARISE comment on this experience: “The least we can say is that we had an unforgettable time there and it was a unique experience for us working with such an amazing and talented guy.”


Jewel Case CD:
1. In Adentu Deorum
2. Enigma
3. Reborn
4. Forskaken
5. Embers
6. Without DIsguise
7. Released
8. Forever Winter
9. Horizon
10. The Storm Inside
Orange / Red Marbled Vinyl:
1. In Adentu Deorum
2. Enigma
3. Reborn
4. Forskaken
5. Embers
1. Without DIsguise
2. Released
3. Forever Winter
4. Horizon
5. The Storm Inside 
Fiona Creaby – Vocals 
Gus Dibelas – Keyboards
Vlassis K. – Vocals
Giacomo Paradiso – Guitar 
Paul Kull Culley – Bass 
MariosK. – Drums

Fallen Arise – Forever Winter

Fallen Arise – Enigma

Fallen Arise – Reborn

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