Indian metal bands have steadily been setting their feet across the globe for the last two decades. Bands from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal state, are somehow late to join in the league with their compatriots as they have recently started to partake in this glorious invasion. Within its three decades of existence, the Indian metal scene has witnessed less than a handful of traditional heavy metal bands. Suffice it to say that the primeval style of heavy metal music is scarcer than hen’s teeth in India.

Hailing from Kolkata, Falcun, being one of those Indian heavy metal bands, embodies the spirits of the elder gods of the NWOBHM and the 80s power metal scenes. Falcun has already received accolades over time, and the heavy metal hungry audience of the country took them with open arms and thus the band continues to sparkle vividly. They have played all over the country and have delivered unadulterated form of traditional heavy metal for the Indian audience, which made them yearn for more. The steel-hearted quintet is now offering their debut album “Kingdom Come” to all the heavy metal enthusiasts around the world. The nine anthems of the album individually uphold every hallmark of a classic heavy metal number. There are abundances of stellar solos, razor shaped riffs, and diversified and exhilarating vocals.  

FALCUN: Indian Heavy Metal Quintet Releases Debut Album; Full Album Streaming At Legacy Magazine

Indian heavy metal group FALCUN has released their debut full length “Kingdom Come” via Greek label Eat Metal Records. The band has played a vital role to build up the current Kolkata metal scene.

Legacy Magazine (Germany) is streaming the full album in its entirely at their website.


States the band: “We are honoured and humbled to sign up with the dedicated and glorious record label, Eat Metal Records to release our debut album “Kingdom Come”. We have conjured sheer passion and musicality in the upcoming album. which will take you back to the 80s, the age of denim and leather and the sound of glorious steel and thunder.”


Lineup / Credit:

Abhishek Dasgupta (Vocals)

Anirban Dasroy (Guitars)

Debarshi ‘Bob’ Chakraborty (Drums)

Nilavro ‘Rony’ Ghosh (Bass)

Samrat Daas (Guitars)

Falcun – Only Be One

Falcun – Eye Of The Storm

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