Eyes of Tomorrow

EYES OF TOMORROW release their new album ‘Settle For More’ on 4th Dec, out on Swell Creek Records.

The bands which loomed large in the musical socialization of EYES OF TOMORROW should be clearly recognisable to all those who are not unfamiliar with the CRO-MAGS. The Ruhrpott squad, named after the same-titled song of the HC veterans, devoted their heart, brain and mind to Hardcore. Oldschool Hardcore. No bullshit, just straight in the face in tradition of AGNOSTIC FRONT, SICK OF IT ALL or MADBALL.

Hardcore is not a fashion, hardcore is a state of mind. Sound and Attitude? Perfect match! Including critical challenging and thinking outside the box. Even if EYES OF TOMORROW only released their DIY demo tape, which was out of print in a hurry, in 2016, every single bandmember has been around in the scene for years and earned his stripes with SHAFT, SPAWN or FOREVER YOUNG VICTORIA, only a few to mention.

In 2018 RYKER’S shouter Dennis took the guys under his wing, released their four-track-EP on his label READY TO FIGHT and also contributes a few guest vocals. It´s fair to say that ‘Gone For Good’ was beating up the HC underground quite a bit. In 2020 the story continues and Chris (bass), Adam (drums), Dom (guitar) and Mirko (vocals) will finally come out with their new full-length album ‘Settle For More’ at DEDICATION RECORDS (vinyl) and SWELL CREEK RECORDS (CD & digipack).

1.Gone for good.
2.State of Mine
3.Settle for more.
4.Blinded By greed
5.World of lies.
6.Hold on.
7.Take My life
8.Masses of despair -1. Single + Video
9.Hate, lies & violence
10.My PMA.
11.Things we Need.


Eyes of Tomorrow – Masses Of Despair

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