Exowaves are four lads who share the same passion for rock n roll.
With dirty overdrive bass lines, fuzzy guitars, deep heavy caveman beats and swirling vocals with a Lydon snarl, their music will imprint a sonic assault on your senses and leave your heart drenched in the noise. This is psychedelic heroin dazed rock n roll at its most pure.
Influenced by seminal bands such as BRMC, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Sex Pistols, Primal Scream, The Doors and The Kills.

Zak Pk – Vocals
Adam Atkinson – Guitar
Si Flanagan – Bass guitar
Asa Simpson – Drums

Exowaves – There’s No Fun

Exowaves – Machine Roar

Exowaves – Side Effects

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Band location – Stoke – On – Trent England

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