Burning the Night
19 November
Independant Release

From a mutual love of dark, moody and melancholic Rock emerges the sound of exciting new Goth Metal band Ewiniar. Hailing from the Adriatic city of Split in Croatia, the husband-and-wife team comprised of Marin and Katarina Tramontana are exploring the broad range of their influences by producing music that represents a new dawn on the Rock horizon.

Breaking onto the world stage in September 2021 with their debut single “Years of Heaven”, Ewiniar are about to dive into a career that will see them release a serious catalogue of work in the near future. Dramatic and brilliantly epic, the duo combines Katarina’s vocals over juddering drums and blistering guitar work to deliver a sonic experience that is all their own. Diving into the darkness and then channelling the light through soaring harmonies, Ewiniar are bringing their best game to the table and leaving nothing on the field.

A true partnership in life as in music, Marin arranges and writes the songs while Katarina puts her pen on the lyrics and explores her inner emotions. Spurred on by their desire to bring their best work to an expanding audience, they quickly followed up their debut with the equally magnificent “Suspiria”. Replicating the drama of their first single, the follow up is an impressive and extraordinary ride into the Goth Rock subculture.

With their album ‘Burning the Night’ that has been released on November 19, 2021, Ewiniar are about to reaffirm their reputation as a band to be reckoned with. Moving beyond the shores of Croatia, their sound will herald a new age in Rock and show that the love of Goth is universal.

Band: Ewiniar
Album Title: ‘Burning the Night’
Releasedate: November 19th 2021
Independent Release

1 – Against The Stream
2 – Under the Stars
3 – Years of Heaven
4 – Mother
5 – Midnight Sun
6 – Suspiria
7 – Until the End of Time
8 – Seekers of the Sense
9 – Burning the Night

Ewiniar – Suspira

Ewiniar – Years of Heaven

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