Evilyn Strange

Evilyn Strange

Evilyn Strange

Nobody knows exactly what existed before Evilyn Strange. It’s safe to say that the debut CD Mourning Phoebe contained enough DNA to give you a pretty good guess.

At one time a new release looked as likely as a visit from Planet X, but March 7th 2016 will thankfully see the release of the Evilution EP. Co-written by Phillip Strange and Mikael Johannesson it’s a taster of the album to follow.

Prepare to head bang as The Ghost’s double bass drum announces the band’s return. 2016 is going to be lots of fun if all goes to plan…

Phillip Strange – handling all vocal duties and co-writing all of the band’s material can often lead to the dreaded ‘LSD’. Not in this case though; aside from a refusal to sing if the correct number of Jammy Dodgers are not provided.

Mikael Johannesson – Mikael is a big part of the Evilyn Strange sound where he applies his Sumo rock guitar style with wicked delight. Since ‘Mourning Phoebe’ Mikael has stepped up his influence, forming a strong songwriting partnership with Phillip Strange.

The Ghost – Multi talented drummer, he is also responsible for sprinkling all the keyboards/synths on to the music whilst the other two aren’t looking.

Evilyn Strange – Invisible Man

Evilyn Strange – Stay

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