Evelyn Landow

Evelyn Landow

Songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Evelyn Landow has a delightful set of songs released on her Mirror Within album. Fluent and swelling vocals bring bright harmonies endlessly as each song  gives of it’s own character in a unique indie pop fashion. The songs are a bit different from one and other but always stick true to her staple sounds and emotional backbone. Dreamy soundscapes and an incredible attention to detail, the album is a great new and comfortable style of pop music. Here is what Evelyn had to say about her release: 


“It has validated my creative output as a band leader and singer-songwriter, heavily leaning into an organic synth sound while making traditional pop and rock songs. When I made Apparitions I immediately felt this was the right tone and form for the other songs on the album to be variations on.” 

Evelyn Landow – Apparitions

Evelyn Landow – Soft Like Night

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