Erin At Eleven – Eclectic EP

Erin At Eleven – Eclectic EP


  1. Only Myself To Blame
  2. One Thing
  3. All Roads Lead Back
  4. Over You

ERIN AT ELEVEN is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from the outskirts of Glasgow, who has been writing songs since 2005. 

Her music takes laid-back, subtle acoustic folk melodies and then clashes them against angst laden rhythms and melancholic lyrics (which is no surprise really when you consider she’s strongly influenced by the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Queens of the Stone Age, amongst others).

Erin’s style has been described as indie, alternative rock, folk, soul, pop, even emo – much to her amusement, provoking nostalgic teenage memories… 

Erin releases the Eclectic EP on the 30th August 2019 and we were fortunate enough to have an advance copy come our way for our listening pleasure.

Eclectic EP is the culmination of some tracks Erin has written and produced from different genres (EDM, trad pop, jazz) which didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the tracks on her upcoming album but which she thought could blend well together in “their own wee eclectic world.

It consists of four tracks that showcases the writing talents of this brilliant artist and leaves the listener in no doubt that Erin At Eleven is a performer to seek out and indulge in.

Eclectic EP opens with the magical ‘Only Myself To Blame’ a track that instantly pulls you into a world of deep driven rhythms and sounds. Beautiful and delicate piano breaks compliment the landscape of ebbing beats that Erin has created. The more sedate ‘One Thing’ will have you in a whirl as the music seems to rotate all around you. The urgent vocals are so reminiscant of a one sided rant, the type where you are listing what you wish you’d said at the time, quite dazzling and yet a little haunting at the same time. The attention to detail in regards of the production is quite stunning.   

Sounding more like an 80’s hit for the likes of Sixpence, None The Richer or The Corrs, ‘All Roads Lead Back’ has a more laid back feel and sits so comfortably as the third track. It starts off quite dreamily and mellow as we are drawn into a delightful tale of memories and love.

Final track ‘Over You’ highlights the amazing vocal talent that Erin possesses. ‘Over You’ is a softer, emotional number that caresses you with a warm hug. It is quite meloncholy and mournful, totally elegant and alluring. It is the most wonderful 4 minutes of music that you will ever hear.

With Eclectic EP, Erin At Eleven proves that the beauty is in the detail. The excellent production and superbly crafted tracks make this an ideal statement for a musician who deserves to be listened to. If you like music that moves you, music that can take you on a journey to some enchanted far off place, then put on your headphones, turn the music up and let Erin At Eleven be your guide. 


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