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Enemy Remains

Enemy Remains

“Beneath the shadows of the world lies an invisible army of people who refuse to die….people that no matter how hard they fall, no matter how many times life beats them down, they refuse to stay there in the shadows of the world….light always recognizes light…for we are one light spread throughout time and space to guide and light the way for others…”

Enemy Remains is a hard rock/ metal band based in Newington, CT. founded in 2004 by original drummer of the legendary Fates Warning, Steve Zimmerman & Metal Fortress Radio’s Tommy Blardo “The Beast”. Out of the original Fates Warning practice space, Tommy and Steve set out to find musicians to complete the lineup for Enemy Remains. In an attempt to take on vocalist Kevin Flowers to front their 2004 EP their first studio offering would be followed by a string of successes which included sharing the stage with such rock luminaries as Alice Cooper, Queensryche, and Heaven and Hell – otherwise known as the Dio-fronted version of Black Sabbath –with a single that was featured on XBOX 360s Rock band called “Live for Today”.

2014 saw Enemy Remains rounded out their line-up with the addition of two new members in second adding a new mix to the music with vocalist Jeff Craig of Shotgun Trust.. This new and improved line-up would be the first local act to be invited to play the massive XL Center (20,000 capacity) in downtown Hartford, performing in an opening ceremony for the Hartford Wolf Pack, the New York Rangers’ AHL affiliate.

Enemy took a brief hiatus in 2015 for Steve Zimmerman to focus on reuniting with original Fates Warning members, Zimmerman, fresh off a four album stint with one of the most influential prog-metal bands in existence – recently being behind the kit for the Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame album & 30th Anniversary, “Awaken The Guardian” at True Fest in Germany – & for Tommy (The Beast) to focus the developing of his Digital Radio Station “Metal Fortress Radio” now known worldwide.

In 2016, Zimmerman and Blardo sought out to revamp a new lineup with new material, with a new lead Guitarist and keyboardist Bobby Bryk, while the band continued to evolve succeeding for a first time album in 2017 “No Faith In Humanity” fate leading them to take on frontman Frank Morin, who then set the stage for world wide exposure.

Soon acquiring the technical skills and partial insanity of lead guitarist Jesse Friedlander and Bassist Mike Smollack, along with the brain and artistic capabilities of Keyboardist Bob Bryk. . After nearly a year of writing, recording, promoting and releasing the album Enemy Remains dreams or reaching rock stardom through the intense momentum they had built around the album was cut short as the band was forced to make a decision to part ways with Frank Morin due to the turmoil he caused inside the band. Enemy was now dead in the water with years of time, hard work and money invested into a dream that now seemed out of reach. In the darkness of those moments for the band the fire inside those founding members that had carried these men to be a part of the industry for so many years without fail. A fire that never allowed them to quit or throw in the towel even throughout the attacks of haters and societal ideas of who they should be……

Sometimes…in the darkest of places shines a light that was once contrasted out by the colors of the world…..and in a moment where all faith and hope had seemed lost These men remembered a singer they had built a relationship with many years ago that had fronted multiple bands along the east coast including Nu Metal band Safe In Numbers. The more the men dug to find him the more they started to realize that this once energetic frontman was no longer a message or phone call away. They soon found that he had been buried away in a prison facility in northern NH for many years. Tommy’s determination and loyalty to friends led him to want answers and through a chain of events led him to receive a call from a prison phone where Scott’s voice mechanically traveled through the line to his ears. Tommy then learned that Scott, instead of curling into a ball and and dying away from his life situation and environment had instead fought at times to continue singing and writing inside those walls and had now bottled up years of pain and anger driving him to sharpen his skills as a singer and above all as an artist.

It took no time for the connection of their resilience for Tommy to hand the mic that sat at the front of this band so idly for so long over to scott and what once was a band that had lost its faith in humanity had now regained that faith and saw hope for people.

Upon Scott’s release in April of 2017 Enemy Remains traveled 150 miles to northern NH to welcome Scott as the prison gates opened not only into a band but a family of metal heads ready to go out swinging.

Beneath the shadows of the world lies an invisible army of people who refuse to die….people that no matter how hard they fall, no matter how many times life beats them down, they refuse to stay there and every time will get up bloody and beaten to get back in your face. We are those people.

Enemy Remains new line up consists of a man with the heart and rhythm of a beast (Tommy Blardo), The Blood and timing of one of the most influential progressive metal bands of all time Steve Zimmerman, the hard earned and acquired technical precision of Jesse Friedlander and Mike Smolack, the ingenious brain of Bob Bryk, and the final piece, a recovering addict with 18 years of pain and triumph to carry the voice of Enemy into its rightful place in the music industry where they are finally ready to carry the torch to lead that army of resilient souls into darkness as they are the embodiment of perseverance and the drive to never give up.

Enemy Remains is now in the process of recording their second studio album “” which they hope will be the battle cry for those who refuse to die! Through the promotion of anger and resilience, never violence, we will prevail because we are Enemy Remains!

Enemy Remains – Live For Today

Enemy Remains – No Faith In Humanity

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