Enemy Inside

It’s finally here! After much teasing, Enemy Inside have just unveiled the brand-new single “Crystallize” via ROAR! Rock of Angels Records.
It’s a cut from their upcoming album coming later this year. More information is about to come.

Crystallize symbolizes the sloth and lethargy that has taken over humanity during the pandemic crisis.

Nastassja Giulia says: “Isolation has left everyone afraid, stuck and frozen. Lethargy made our bones weak and our hearts tired. We feel unconscious, powerless and numb. This isn’t a life, this is hibernating. Breathe us back to life, ’cause we’re numb inside. Heat us up inside ’cause we’ve crystallized.”

Crystallized is written by Nastassja Giulia and Evan K. 
The video concept and story was made by Nastassja Giulia and was filmed and edited by Mirko Witzki. 
The track was produced by Evan K (Enemy Inside, Mystic Prophecy) and mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd.

Marking ENEMY INSIDEs first new music since their acclaimed 2018 debut album “Phoenix”, which made them one of Germanys most promising newcomer bands. The artwork posted on the bands socials gives a sneak peek of promising visuals.
Singer Nastassja Giulia teased about their new single “This symbolizes a whole new chapter of the band’s sound evolution”

Can we expect such an explosive sound as on “Phoenix”?

ENEMY INSIDE was formed in 2017 out of Aschaffenburg, Germany by Nastassja Giulia (Vocals) and Evan K (Guitar), who through wide-ranging musical experimentation found their own unique sound – somewhere between “Dark Rock” and “Modern Metal”.

The music strikes a catchy, mystical chord as the powerful female lead vocals are intertwined with aggressive arrangements and catchy hooks.

Enemy Inside – Crystallize

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