Sydney Melodeath Rising Stars Release Debut Album ‘Cessation’

Sydney’s Melodeath Quartet ENDVS release their debut album ‘Cessation’ via Octane Records. Incorporating their roots in extreme metal genres whilst experimenting with memorable hook-laden choruses underpinned by the terse and urgent instrumentation, ENDVS create the sonic existential dissection of the human condition. With ten unique tracks showcasing a stunning and satisfying infusion of Heavy Metal, cinematic orchestral and synth layers, soaring melodic hooks, guttural growls and harmonically consonant guitar call-and-response, ‘Cessation’ is the ascension of traditional melodic metal and riff-focused ferocity. 

Vocalist  Andy Suppradit speaks on the new album “The long wait is over as we are thrilled to present our debut album, ‘Cessation’. We put in many hours to finish this record, but it turned out to be worth all of the effort. Besides feeling that we had written our best songs, we found ourselves working with individuals of great talent who could implement our vision. From a musical standpoint, you can expect a mixture of traditional and modern melodic death metal. Despite being a melting pot of all the bands we grew up listening to, it also reflects the creative synergy of four people with diverse and complementary tastes. We intended to channel the full spectrum of metal into this album, which ranges from catchy hooks up to all-out death metal aggression. The album is a labour of love for us, and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it. We’re just getting started!”

“The album is a death metal wonder for melodic death metal fans, the album as a whole is a mix of clear vocals and growls, with an amazing music progression with an ENDVS touch to each song makes it so perfect” – Metalheads Forever 9.3/10

Comprised of individuals who possess extensive touring and songwriting experience, ENDVS have been spending time methodically curating their craft to take Australian Metal to new heights. After a successful release of their debut singles such ‘A Storm’s Clarity’, ‘Becoming The End’ & ‘The Immortals’, ENDVS unveil this Melodic-Death Masterpiece boasting virtuosic songwriting with a cinematic approach to traditional death metal that warrants multiple listens.  

‘Cessation’ is available to order in both digital and physical formats via


1. Becoming The End
2. Apex
3. Sleeping With Shadows
4. The Immortals
5. A Storm’s Clarity
6. The Burden of Defeat
7. Forgiveness In Death
8. Anarchitect
9. Tears DrownYour Grave
10. Spiral

ENDVS – The Immortals

ENDVS – Becoming The End

ENDVS – Storm’s Clarity

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