Emerald Odyssey

Emerald Odyssey

Emerald Odyssey

Emerald Odyssey was re-born out of a conversation between singer/songwriter/guitarist Victoria Louise Tetreault and guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jim Wojtaszek back in late 2012 about unfinished work and a specific incomplete project Victoria was hoping to bring to full bloom. Soliciting the help and expertise of bassist/vocalist Nathan Raimer and drummer/vocalist Mark Dushanek in early 2013, the quartet embarked on a musical exploration over a period of three years, reaching out to keyboardist, vocalist Shawn Danis in 2016 for additional inspiration, leading to what will be a series of song releases over the next few months and years that we hope reflects what we all believe, feel, hope, love and endure.

We aren’t rock stars. We really don’t dress the part, act the part or look the part. We’re just trying to make some really good alternative/progressive, genre-indifferent music while finding new and interesting ways to connect with people who are looking for the same.

Emerald Odyssey – Eyes

Emerald Odyssey – Summer of Our Love

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