Emanuel Bagge

Emanuel Bagge comes from Kramfors municipality, in the High Coast. He calls the city of music that city where he went to high school. 

Emanuel now lives in Stockholm and invests entirely in music, with a career that gained momentum through TV4publiken’s support that carried him to the finals in Talang2017

He has been in the show business since 2005.

Now he knows that Sweden, and he himself, wants and wants him to sit at a grand piano, that he sings songs in his own way.

“ Simple, stripped down, passionate and I would like to touch with my song! I remember with warmth in my heart that before a concert I had time to welcome everyone, take each one by the hand and look them in the eye. After the concert, I did the same as a thank you. A woman hugged me and said I “saved her”, I got a lump in my throat, but it still felt hot. The woman had lost a person close to her. The thought of the comment and knowing that I did something that comforted a grieving person by being myself, I will carry with me, for the rest of my life! “

Emanuel has a passion, a goal, a vision! .

He trained as a musical artist, hence the sound of his singing voice, and wants to do more than just start from the premise of having to play a role … 

“I want to offer what I can and be who I am! Of course I want, as only I do, to stand on stages, sing the ballads that people want to hear me sing! 

I have always wanted to make a starting point in Sweden’s music world! ” 

Emanuel Bagge – Blue Christmas

Emanuel Bagge – Apati

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