Elysium – Labyrinth of Fallen Angels

Elysium – Labyrinth of Fallen Angels

ELYSIUM – “Labyrinth of Fallen Angels” (Lion music, 23 May 2019)

Track listing

  1. Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels
  2. Black Hole
  3. Evanescent
  4. Before The End
  5. Turn Around
  6. Fight For All Your Love
  7. Close To You
  8. Siren
  9. Higher State
  10. Nobody Knows
  11. Here I Am


Daphne Nisi (v, ch)
Simone Moratto (g)
Marco Sinopoli (k, or)
Marco Monetini (b)
Flavio Lovisa (d)
Christian Arlechino (vi)

“Labyrinth of Fallen Angels” is the first full length album of Elysium. It comes out only after their 2015 debut EP entitled “Symphony of a Forest”. The band was formed in Orvieto, Italy in 2013 and have made a very good progress within these years.

To get things right from the start, Elysium perform Symphonic/Gothic Metal which flirts a lot with progressive rock and the great Italian folk and classical music tradition. The result is magnificent! At least it magnetized me from the first listen!

With a very fresh production giving their music the necessary “air” to breathe in and out, Elysium have absolutely no problem to mix classical instruments and electronics in their rock/metal style.

But what surprised me the most (and of course in the most positive way) is their excellent female vocals. The songwriting of Elysium is very strong and gives some great music moments, but the female vocals are for me top class.

The whole album is enjoyable and has an easy flow for the listener, which is a great achievement especially if you take under consideration the fact that the band has multiple music fields in which they move. However, they move in these fields very easily and they don’t mix up things. The production gives them a hand here as well.

Dramatic, epic or theatrical depending the emotions they want in each of their songs, Elysium recorded an excellent album that is addressed to fans of Opeth, Anathema or Evanescence at the same time, but still has its own style. I loved the way Elysium use the classical orchestra instruments like the violin or the piano in their sound. Last, but not least, the bass-lines of the album are very well performed, have great imagination and feelings and add much to the album’s value. “Labyrinth of Fallen Angels” is a very good album and you will listen to some very good music here from a really promising band. Invest!

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