Ellimist TM LLC is a Progressive Metal act born in East Hartford, Connecticut and Boston Massachusetts; formed in 2021, Ellimist comes from humble beginnings, drawing inspiration from various sources of science fiction, and in particular, the story of the Ellimist. Ellimist’s goal is to bring a worthwhile offering to the world that can be appreciated not only by fans within the metal genre, but to break musical boundaries, avoid distinct categorization, and to make music that is interesting, diverse, and strange, bringing people of different musical ideologies together. Ellimist aims to bring a universe to life with tales of life, death, eternity, and destruction, telling the story of the Ellimist, a being beyond the very reaches of space and time itself, and the characters in their universe. Loosely based on lore, Ellimist aims to breathe new life into the progressive metal genre, and to create new stories in ways only music can tell.

Ellimist currently consists of Anthony, the creator, writer, and producer of the debut Ellimist album, playing Guitar and Singing in the live act; and newcomer Mike Fitts on guitar. Ellimist’s live act features a vibrant light show and experience like no other. Ellimist’s diverse range as musicians allows them to explore concepts across different genres, all connected with a theme which maintains the storyline and artist’s premise. Ellimist’s debut album features smooth, calming passages intermixed with brutal, powerful riffs, accented with blazingly fast guitar solos, all coherently playing in mixed time signatures with stunning accuracy. Ellimist’s vocal style ranges just as widely, with angelic harmonies and extreme metal vocalization as diverse as the technical guitar work, very much suited to each song, along with some instrumental passages; The drumming in the album is inspired, with grooving sections that transform into intense and challenging blast beats locked into a tight rhythm, with interplay on the bass guitar providing complex melodies that transport the listener to a different world. The album features voicework and occasional narration, and various mood-setting sound effects, all of which contribute to the overall atmosphere of the album.  Ellimist has been compared as a mix of Devin Townsend, Gojira, Revocation with jazz and blues elements. As a newly formed act blossoming in a post-pandemic world, Ellimist aims to create music, art, and galactic themes which entertain, inspire, and create a sense of wonder. Ellimist’s self-titled debut album is due out 31/07/2021 and will be available on all major streaming platforms, and through most online distributors. Physical merchandizing is in production, and more content will be available in the coming months as Ellimist finds their place in the world of live music through the end of 2021 and beyond!

Ellimist – Ellimist

Ellimist – Father

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