Elkapath – Black Spiders

Elkapath – Black Spiders

ELKAPATH – album “Black Spiders” (31 October 2021, Symmetric Records)

  1. Creepy Little Dolls
  2. Twisted Issues
  3. Black Spiders
  4. Synthetic Ecstasy
  5. Dirty Whore Mouth
  6. Shields Of Protection
  7. Work Sucks
  8. Underworld
  9. Zombie Girl
  10. The Bigger The Better

Elkapath released a new album titled “Black Spiders”. “Black Spiders” is the debut album for the Synthetic Gothic Metal band from Gloucester, United Kingdom, which have been an active since 2019 with a collective 10 years’ experience playing shows across the UK in various musical projects. This CD have recorded under Symmetric Records and Bob Katsionis (ex Firewind, Outloud) and it contains 10 tracks.

The album cover, the style of the band and the whole concept around this album smells like Halloween and Elkapath did the “key” move and released this spooky baby at 31 of October. Small things like these, make me show more interest about the band and make an ideal creepy atmosphere to listen to this album. So I turn off the lights, I light some candles, I put some red wine and I push the play button.

The gothic metal music genre hits me like a horde of zombies! Scary, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and full of memories of my teenage years. Those years that I liked gothic metal more than ever and Elkapath managed to bring those years back to my ears. I had many years to listen some pure and authentic gothic metal and Elkapath made me do it! The band seems to be like a guru of this specific music genre. They know how to play it and how to make it a part of their world. They put their musical ingredients all over their tracks and make their style unique. It’s Elkapath’s way and I like it!

I think that creepy little doll from the album cover, named “Little Miss Carla”, who discovered that when she sang, she could hypnotize people into submissive creepy little dolls like herself that would dance themselves into a frenzy, doing whatever she commanded, spreading her hypnotic power on me too. As I’m listening to the new album “Black Spiders”, “I can’t take my ears out of them” and I’m listening to their music over and over again. No kidding! I love their music and I feel a creepy-horror-warm vibe comes throught the musical instruments that band members manage to reach them at the top level!

This amazing maximum effort of the band members mixed up with the vocals of Carla. Carla Elkapath sings with her beatuful voice, that fits to the music style of the debut album “Black Spiders”, and drive it to the next level! 100% talent – 100% passion – 100% vocal techniques! Carla you deserve a big BRAVO ’cause you killed it!

Generally, the whole debut album “Black Spiders” is actually amazing! You can find dark and bright paths via Elkapath’s project and if you are not a gothic metal fan already, they will make you one for sure! You are gonna love them!

Review by Mr Athens ’79

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