Eli van Pike

Eli van Pike

With their last single “In Flames” they take the home country of the singer Pike critically under the magnifying glass, and with the new single “Europa” the home continent of Eli and Van is in their sights.

Realistic, sarcastic, politically neutral and seen from a bird’s eye view, they describe the current situation in Europe and the European Union. Of course, the (re)planned Brexit also plays a role, but you don’t let yourself be carried away to any trend-setting statements that could push the band into a political corner.

Matching this theme, the single “England” – an interpretation of the Cradle of Haze song released this year – can be found on the “B-side” of the single, which zooms in on a small part of Europe already separated from nature and deals with the chaos on a sung island in a rough and blunt way.

Eli van Pike deliver two strong Gothic Rock songs, which go through tight beat and speed to the front to take the listener immediately on the journey. The whole thing is rounded off by the skilful interplay of hard guitars, synthesizer arpeggios, orchestra and synthesizer surfaces as well as orchestral background music and interludes.

“What’s happening in Europe today is a topic that everyone is actually occupied with. There are very many ways of looking at things and approaches, but in principle everyone wants the same thing. To thematize something like this in one or more songs is difficult and a degree hike but to keep important things quiet is not an option for us”, says Thorsten Eligehausen – founder, producer and singer of Eli van Pike and Cradle of Haze.


The single “Europa” will be available from 31.10.2019 on all known online platforms. 

The German-American progressive band Eli van Pike release “In Flames”, a song that mixes progressive metal with NHD. Brachial guitar riffs meet lyrics that reflect the current world situation. The song is rounded off by an English melodic chorus. Flames will be available from 20 April in all popular online stores and streaming platforms.

It started with an idea of Thorsten Eligehausen, owner of the small record label “darkSIGN-RECORDS” and founder / producer of the music projects “Cradle of Haze”, “Schandpfahl” & “Narcotic Elements”. He wanted to produce his own cover version of the “Simon & Garfunkel” song Sounds of Silence but, in a new way.

In order to give this song a special new touch and to give it a sound like no other version before, he asked his friends Marc Vanderberg (Germany) and Ken Pike (United States) if they would support him on the project.
At first Thorsten wanted to release the song under the name of his project “Cradle of Haze” featuring Marc and Ken but, during production he realized that the three of them were going to create a completly new and awesome sound. They decided that this song should be released under a new project name. It was a little bit difficult to find a name for this project until Marc came upon the idea to use parts of the names of the project members – ELI VAN PIKE was born!

The German-American Industrial Metal Act „Eli van Pike“ releases his new track „Blutrausch“. The driving rhythm section gives the song the perfect mix of danceable music with the usual dark lyrics. „Blutrausch“ is now available for download on the bandcamp page of darkSIGN-RECORDS. Eli van Pike decided to stop streaming the new songs on streaming platforms. „From now on, we will no longer follow the streaming madness and the concomitant impoverishment of artists and disproportionate enrichment of the music platforms“, says founder Eligehausen. „The revenue per stream is not even in the cent range, so we do not see any meaning in this brainless, artist-consuming service“ says Vanderberg (composer and guitarist with „Eli van Pike“).

The song will therefore be available exclusively on iTunes and Amazon as of January 19th, as a download.

Eli van Pike – In Flames

Eli van Pike -Blutrausch

Eli van Pike – Peter 41

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