Elevation Falls

Elevation Falls

A Powerhouse Dynamic Female Fronted Rock Band, with Roar And Love!

Formed in late 2012 by lead singer Hazel Jade at 16 years old, this young band have gone on to mature into an amazing feast of melody, rock, blues and plain old fashioned heart! Not just another same old, same old rock band……

Hazel Jade has a unique and instantly recognisable vocal style, that can both soothe and inspire a revolution! The two lead guitarist, Chris and Darragh flank her like an army, both consummate players, who duel and parry left and right (Chris is a left handed guitar player and Darragh right!). Finishing with the rhythm section, currently manned by our latin section, with Alex from Spain and Gabriel from Brazil, you can be sure of some out of this world beats! To complete the sound, we have strings, harmonica, piano and even trumpets on occasion!

Elevation Falls have travelled to Croatia for the UFO festival, UK for Indie Music Festival, HRH Rocks Festival at Sheffield O2, won Hard Rock Rising 2016 with Hard Rock Cafe (and had their songs on worldwide distribution with them). They’ve performed at Electric Picnic, Vantastival, Knockanstockan and many more local festivals. They’ve had their music used for independent film in Canada, and for a tech show on TV3.

Having just released their debut album ‘What Will Be’ in April 2018, we believe Elevation Falls are destined for the stadium life performing in front of thousands. Take a listen, you’ll be inspired!

Current Members Are: 
Hazel Jade – Singer/Pianist – A unique singer, who at the age of 15 had her video featured on TV3, and was IASCA artist of the month. Having already had a mini career before joining the band at 16, she established herself as a great singer/songwriter with over 13k fans on Facebook

Chris ‘Crispy’ Young – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals – Great Riffs and great energy from this very, very talented left handed guitar player, Chris has been with the band a few years now, and is a great fan of Gary Moore and Slash

Darragh Shields – Lead Guitar 2nd – He has a unique sense of a riff, and brings great creativity and abili. Darragh has a great pedigree with both his mum and dad being musicians, and again, another Thin Lizzy fan, with a love for harmonising guitar

Alex sanchez de orduña- Drummer extraordinare, comes from Leon, Spain, and we think he’s phenomenal! You will too when you hear him! Currently sponsored by Spain’s cymbal company! What a guy!

Gabriel Grecco – Bass – Gabriel has held all the positions in the band, having started out as our drummer, he moved over to guitar and is now on bass! A consummate musician, he hails from Brazil and we know we can always rely on him to give great advice on any musical issue!

Elevation Falls – What Will Be album sampler


Elevation Falls – Armies Rising

Elevation Falls – Watching Over You

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