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El Royce

Sooner or later, we go back to the source.
Nantes (Deep South Brittany, France) is today a lovely harbor at the end of the Loire river estuary. Beyond the rich facades of the mansions, strangely leaning, a dark side of History is hidden.
Like ships in the olden days, EL ROYCE collected treasures in the heart of the New World: Saint-Domingue and Haitian voodoo dragged from Africa, the relocation of plantations to Mississippi Delta, a place where occult rites mingle with Mardi-Gras Bon Temps, a land struck by Mother-Nature’s rage, but still standing.
With “Black Saints Of Bourbon Street” the band delivers his third album. A full-length effort recorded once again at Black Desert Studio (Yoann Aubé). Collecting stories, mostly spooky, from the collective psyche of Louisiana and New-Orleans principally. Historical characters (Marie Laveau, Delphine LaLaurie), movie monsters (Hatchet, Swamp Thing), delightedly creepy places (bayou, St Louis cemetery#1) and deal with the Devil (Mississippi Robert Johnson). Among others.
An adventure started in 2002, at first as a power-trio, the band has been a quartet since 2009, with the arrival of a second guitarist. EL ROYCE is a non-stop touring and recording band. Originally released with their own label (Novatrax): two demos (« Diesel » in 2003 and « Direct Live » in 2004), a first EP (« El Royce » in 2006), a first album (« What You See Is What You Get » in 2008) and a second EP « Deaf For Life » (2012) starting the collaboration with Black Desert Studio.
In 2014, EL ROYCE joined Black Desert Records (Enlightened, The Guardogs, Crawling In Sludge…) releasing their second album « Rise Again »: a monster truck fully dedicated to the bestiary of B-movies.
In 2015, EL ROYCE contributed four songs to the original soundtrack of “The Hell of Angels, L’Enfer des Anges”: a documentary from Terence Leroy Beaulieu and Véronique Escolano about the Hellfest Open Air festival (national French TV broadcasting).
2016, EL ROYCE will get on the road, still preaching the gospel of mighty heavy guitars. An invitation to a sabbath where wild forces get unleashed. In Loud We Trust.

El Royce – Reverend Zombie

El Royce – Voodoo Rising

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