El Gato Del Rio

El Gato Del Rio

We are a performing quartet of vagrant dipsomaniacs.  El Gato Del Rio is a group from the northern plains. Their hometown is Stark County, North Dakota. Their music is eclectic while remaining familiar and their writing style is, as they put it “heavily influenced by the substances that they ingest. These songs are all stories, some true and some imagined. El Gato Del Rio does not allow their music to be bound by any singular musical genre, style, or direction, and they remain free to allow anything to happen.

El Gato Del Rio are:

Ripley Crow
Katrina la Musa
El Verdugo
Senor Grande

New album, ‘Another Let Down’ out now.


El Gato Del Rio – Grind Up These Bones

El Gato Del Rio – Alibi

El Gato Del Rio – Cocaine, Whiskey and You

El Gato Del Rio – Honest Living

El Gato Del Rio – Copper Mine

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Band location – Stark County, North Dakota

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3 thoughts on “El Gato Del Rio

  1. I have personally seen this band write quite a few of their songs. The great thing about this band is that they are longtime friends, they feed off of each other to write the music and the lyrics.

    They play off each others strengths and give each other constructed criticism to better themselves as musicians.

    If you have a chance to see them play, don’t pass it up. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Quite possible my favorite album of 2017. These guys are strange, but in a satisfying and pleasantly disturbing sort of way. Check them out.

  3. Been listening to this band for about 8 months now, best album i’ve heard in years.

    If you want to hear the dark side, if you want to hear it well, turn the light off, turn it up and step into The Music Box….

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