Ecorse Creek Orchestra

ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA Releases New Album, “Tales from the Watershed”

ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA is releasing Tales from the Watershed it’s first full length album and the third single from the album “Emmett Till” via BandCamp on 9/25 and all major digital platforms and streaming services on 9/27 as well as on CD.

 Tales from  the Watershed features 8 new songs from the ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA including the third single “Emmett Till” which is the story of a black youth who was murdered by a group of white men in the 1950’s and became a major talking point of the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. The song also is graced with vocals by Emily Lynn who many may know from her many years of performing all over the world with the AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW and THUNDER UK. Like the lyric in the song states “Emmett Till, we won’t forget you” songwriter and band leader Dean Carls says the main point of the song is to  “Let no one forget what happened to Emmett so hopefully we can one day live in a world where no mother or family has to bury their child due to such heinous acts of violence again.”

Hailing from the murky muddy river banks south of Detroit Michigan Ecorse Creek Orchestra brings you catchy horn fueled Rock & Roll with glimpses of Dr. John or sometimes Tom Waits as the group delivers upbeat music that’ll have you dancing in your seat or even out of it. Tales from the Watershed also aims to tell rich stories with strong story lines. “‘Run Runaway’ was the first song written and recorded for this album and set the tone for the rest of ‘Tales from the Watershed,’” Carls says. “I wanted to be true to the album title and make each song a tale of its own. Some of the inspiration I drew from Johnny Cash’s songwriting because when you’re done listening to a Johnny Cash song, you know what the story of the song was about.”


March of a Pandemic Shut In
Run Runaway
I Spy, You Spy
Rosabelle Believe
Lets Go Lets Go
Jolly Old Man
Party in the Backyard
Emmett Till

ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA released their debut EP, Get Your Voodoo On, also available via all major digital music providers and CD in March of this year.

Ecorse Creek Orchestra – Emmett Till

Ecorse Creek Orchestra – Run Runaway

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