ECLECTICUS, headed by Gar Reid with co-writer Tiina LeMay, is a rock band who has a passionate understanding for creating unpredictable melodies and soulful lyrics. Established in 2009, the band delivers on an eclectic mix of songs, while still maintaining a continuity of sound.

Inspired by the the many great artists and bands out there, new and old, they simply love what they do and just want to rock!

Their debut album – Eclecticus I – was released in January 2010 with uPlaya Records. Their second album – Hole Hearted – was released April 2012. Both available on CD baby, iTunes Amazon and other eRetailers. Their latest album EASIER, HARDER, STRONGER (released in late 2014) is available for download on CD Baby Keep checking back as the band is currently recording their 4th album – details to come!

Gar Reid (vocals, guitar), Tiina LeMay (vocals, guitar), Jono Grant (lead guitar), Chris Ross (drums), James Ware (bass), Jeremy Campbell, Manager

Words and music: Gar Reid and Tina LeMay, SOCAN/ASCAP

ECLECTICUS – Losing Hope

ECLECTICUS – Devil’s Playground


Band location – Toronto Canada

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