Dusty Stragglers

Dusty Stragglers

Dusty stragglers are a brand new four piece UK Hip-hop group hailing from London made up of three diverse rappers Caskie, Flabz and Sylva Grey, and one versatile producer Peter Coates the founder of “Under The Bed Productions”.
They’re far bouncy sound is reminiscent of the late 90’s boom bap era with spatters of live musicianship amongst the clever sampling to really make the tracks
Influenced heavily by such artists as Lewis Parker, Klashnekoff, Jehst, Roots Manuva, Task Force and more clear the boys are keeping it UK all day.
Peter Coates aka “Under The Bed Productions”
Peter is the producer for Dusty Stragglers and many other artists and is founder of Under the Bed Productions, he is the catalyst of the group his incredible ear for samples and melodies and jazzy nuances within his sound make his beats impossible to switch off.
A natural musician and guitarist Peter is versatile and adapts his sound for each artist he works with and the chemistry is notable in the sounds he has brought to the Stragglers.
His recent solo projects “Under The Covers” and “Underground” are littered with well structured beats and beautiful melodies, but when it comes to the Stragglers he brings a sometimes cheekier but much darker sound to the table proving he is as versatile in process as he is clever in approach.
Sylva Grey aka “Sylva Guyva” aka “The Sly Fox”
His trippy flow psychadelic imagry and signiture bucket hat and chin strap goatee combination cant be ignored, coming from ferrier estate in South London Sylva Grey has a unique style and has been active in the UK battle rap scene.
His ability to maticulously string together multiple rhyming words in an abstract fashion and freestlye at will makes him the last rapper you would want to battle.
Sylva Grey also has a great ear for samples and is highly unpredictable in his rhyme schemes always leaving you surprised to the last bar.
Caskie aka “Caveman”
Caskie is loud brash and outlandish all you can expect from someone hailing from Woolwich South East London. After spending years as a session drummer and vocalist playing for an assortment of artists and groups he decided to go back to what he loves most….hip hop, word play, metphores, stories and a hell load of attitude to go with it his unusual continuous flow makes it hard to pinpoint exactly where hes going peaking the listeners curiosity to hear what comes next.
Caskie combines his overall strengths as a mulit instrumentalist, singer and loud mouth to fatten out the tacks.
Flabz aka “Flabbadabbadoo” aka “Ya Mumz favorite alchy”
Hailing from West London Brentford Flabz unpredictable flow mad character and extensive experience in UK hip hop and battle rap makes him formidable and well respected within his art, with an extensive back catalogue of solo material and having worked with such artists as “Amy True” sharing a stage with the likes of “Klashnekoff” its clear hes achieved alot already and brings an arsenal of word play flow and personality to the Stragglers sound.
Flabz is member of “E & Daniels” and the founder of “Go Big TV” youtube channel for all things UK hip hop and has shot and edited videos for Dusty Stragglers proving he is as multi talented as a swiss army knife and very much the back bone of the group.

Dusty Stragglers – Strange Neighbours

Dusty Stragglers ft Dali – Eat Fish

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