Dull Knife

Dull Knife

We are the rhythm section for 60s cult legends The Pretty Things. In time between shows, and when we weren’t working, we began to play through some of the songs I had been writing and Dull Knife swelled.

We are a two piece, I know, please spare us the comparisons. You wouldn’t do the same to a five piece band so what’s the difference? We met when we were both 16… swapped musical influences, enjoyed our long periods of time spent on the road. We got along just fine and we’re not straining to do so ten years down the line. Although it took us a while to form Dull Knife… some years prior to first meeting. Our debut album ‘Light is the Night Dark is the Day’ is soon to be released. We have a shared interest in collecting weird and (not always) wonderful equipment from the eras that we are most interested in. Jack uses a ‘Frankenstein’ kit… it takes form in a twisted and beautiful way; the snare drum a 1920s Leedy… the tom toms Camco and kick drum forged out of the mighty Slingerland Factory in the 60s. I could bore you to death with my own habits of vintage gear collection, but I fear you may already stopped reading.

I love most things Americana, the imagery fascinates me. From music to countryside, cars to guitars to books, vintage cowboys shirts… superstition and stories… troubadours. Dull Knife was a Native American Chief of the Northern Cheyennes. I won’t pretend to know everything about him. I just always loved the band name Crazy Horse.

Coming up to ten meaningful years with The Pretty Things, the natural progression you might think is that we play garage or r and b… psych perhaps. I don’t want to pigeon- hole our music… but if you’re expecting some sort of continuation from our respectful mentour’s long discography, then you would be wrong.

I grew up near Brighton, but in the countryside, I am based in the city now, Jack has moved further away into a quiet cottage in the middle of the woods.

‘Light is the Night Dark is the Day’ has been something we have been working towards for what feels like a very long time. Lucky enough to record with our good friend Rick Phillips (Simeon Soul Charger) in an empty disused Bierkeller (next door to a motorbike repair shop) in Bavaria, we had to pull a few favours in order to accomplish what we set out to do. Everything we could fit into Jack’s van got piled in, the morning that we left England for Germany. With borrowed microphones and sound desk… hand built vocal booth out of old pedal boards… Rick’s stereo from home for playback… and after a day and a night of tinkering, we made a start.

I know this isn’t so much a Biography… more a trail of thought really.
The album will hopefully speak for its self… so you won’t have to read these ramblings any longer… watch this space.

Dull Knife – Fog Hangs Like a Neck

Dull Knife – Lungs

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