Drug Mirror

Drug Mirror’s Addictive and Hard-Hitting Sound


Drug Mirror has recently dropped an EP called Humanoid that incorporates hefty riffs with melodic sections and tones that complement each other to a perfection.

The release features this alternative-rock feel but throws in heavier elements and certainly aren’t afraid to reach into that metal sound as they do it with a tasteful style.

The record has gigantic choruses that show touches of experimental approaches with eerie synths underneath rock bursts, and it all has melodic and powerful vocals to wrap it up nicely.

The EP really shows the seasoned musicianship of the players with gracefully performed guitar solos and song arrangements that sound like alt-rock you’ve been listening to for years.

These guys truly pack a punch, and they have a great library of releases to dig into. If you like this record, you’ll like the rest.

Check out Humanoid and keep an eye out for more from Drug Mirror.

Drug Mirror – King Fiend

Drug Mirror – Wraiths

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