drill horse




Aussie band Drillhorse from Sydney, Australia, a town with precious little time for rock music anymore and the main reason we elect to make it. Over a period of 7 years we’ve managed to evolve from punk hardcore to ‘pale riders of hard rock’ as we claim today. For most of that 7 years we were known as ‘A Lost Sense of Direction’ which got us ignored or confused with boy bands which caused significant pain. But believing wholly and solely in the capacity of rock to deliver joy to the human spirit in ways no other ‘genre’ can we’ve steered away from asking for external assistance, preferring to do it all off our own bat. With a debut CD to promote and optimistic smiles on our dials Drillhorse affirm our commitment to tight, unreconstructed hard and innovative rock, free from interference, the media or general public indifference, other than that we always get from our beloved fans. Drillhorse will continue to perform music we design our way and deliver it with punch to attract like-minds, those lonesome riders who come out to hear and see us whenever we play.

Respectfully in rock,

Drillhorse – Drinking Song

Drillhorse – Gna-Ka-Lun


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