Drew Keenan

Drew Keenan

Dropping  a full length indie rock album on your own isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Even with all the extra time people have right now. Drew Keenan proves you can still put out ridiculously poppy rock songs with edge and style. The album called Monachopsis was written a bit before the lock down era but is magnificent to listen to. The songs touch quite a bit on alternative rock from an almost different era and twist them into something new. Endless catchy chorus lines and more guitar licks that stick in your head than you’ve heard in ages. Monachopsis tastefully gives nods to some of the greats in indie rock and creates an album that really takes your mind off things. Easy to indulge in, Keenan has paves the way for self recorded rock projects to stay catchy, stay fun, and still be real. This record is a gem! Here is what Drew had to say about the record:

“I’ve grown a lot along with the project and dove into new territories that I hadn’t explored on my previous records. Walls was a punk-rock album based around the theme of building up and breaking down walls. Monachopsis was a real journey in my personal life. It covered my final year of college and the growing pains of entering into society. Even though a lot of those times were tough, I can now look back with nostalgia because of the music. So I would say that it is my most complete album to date and it makes me excited to see how much further I can evolve my sound in the future.”  

Drew Keenan – Strangers/Voicemail

Drew Keenan – Wallflower

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