Dreamlord – Disciples of War

Dreamlord – Disciples of War

Dreamlord – “Disciples of War” (No Remorse Records 20 December 2019)

  1. Out For Blood
  2. Disciples of War
  3. The 11th Hour
  4. Humanity Enslaved
  5. Aggressive Denial
  6. Infratricide
  7. Blinded Eyes
  8. Act of God
  9. Outcast
  10. Uncompromised

In the 80’s metal music was at its peak. The bastard mixture of heavy metal with punk that was introduced by Motorhead’s “Overkill” in 1979 (although Judas Priest planted some seeds too with songs like “Exciter” from 1978’s “Stained Class”) only to be finalized with the first Metallica and Slayer albums (“Kill ’em All” and “Show No Mercy” respectively, both in 1983), was named Thrash Metal and  gave the metal music a new interest.

Thrash metal later on led to the extreme metal forms of death metal and black metal, while in some cases (especially in the 90’s) it incorporated hardcore to form crossover styles. Over the last years there seems to be a thrash metal uprising in its old school form (I won’t call it a revival, because thrash metal has always been present in metal music ever since the 80’s).

Dreamlord from Greece were formed in 1995. After some pauses in their creative path, they recently seem to be back on track for good. Dreamlord is already a hot name in their homeland. They have been around for some years again and they have already shared the stage with bands like Annihilator.

“Disciples of War” is their second full length. The album is released from No Remorse Records a mostly known for heavy metal releases Greek label. The album is a great thrash invasion with many heavy metal riffs added in. Dreamlord give us in “Disciples of War” a brutal thrash attack featuring all the necessary elements of the genre: violence, raw power, anger, brutality and speed.

Their riffs are fast and aggressive but always masterfully executed, the vocals come with the speed of light and the precision of the blade to get you from the neck and the rhythm section is brutally heavy and grooves right through the whole album.

I listened to the album non-stop and I felt like I was transferred back to the early Exodus, Testament, Overkill and Slayer days. The band plays Slayer and Metallica covers in their live shows to pay tribute to the generators of thrash, so you already kinda know what to expect from them.

They wrote an instrumental (“Act of God”) for “Disciples of War” which came to me as a surprise for a new release. Still their choice is pretty much indicative of their old-school mood. Songs I liked the most out of this excellent thrash album were: “Out for Blood”, “Humanity Enslaved” and “Aggressive Denial”, but believe me every song is good. Dreamlord have a great songwriting and their songs are catchy, groovy and memorable while retaining their heaviness or thrash fast guitar picking.

“Disciples of War” will make a great “secret addition” in your thrash collection. You will take pride to know a band from Greece that delivers the genre so damn solid today! Believe me they do!

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